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10 reasons why Prima - Real Estate in Turkey

  1.  Introduction

Prima Real Estate is specialized in development construction and sale of apartments, villas, residences and plots on the Turkish Riviera especially in the Alanya region. Prima offers you the ultimate combination of quality and professionalism of a european standard at affordable prices. Alanya has one of the healthiest climates in the world with more than 320 days of sunshine with mediterranean food and the nature plus many more advantages this provides the basics for a high quality of life and an increased life expectancy.

To live on the Turkish Riviera or even just to spend your vacation in the area helps to get your mind, body and soul in shape. You and your family will benefit from this.


  2.  Alanya Area
Turkey especially the coastline and here in Alanya have reached a high economic standard meaning that you will find basically everything that you find in your own country. You can maintain your lifestyle at lower cost. Nature has been left relatively untouched despite the fact that a large variety of sport activities, leisure and entertainment is available. It is a beautiful and safe place where you can enjoy more than a vacation you can make it your second home.


  3.  Prima Expertise and Experience
Prima Real estate is a company specialized in finding or constructing your dream home. Prima is part of a large group of developers and constructors. Working with Prima guarantees you a solid background and gives you the necessary security to feel safe when purchasing real estate here in Alanya.


  4.  Support and Assistance
Primas major concern is to find your dream villa or apartment.

Prima and its Bi-Lingual staff are at your service. Prima offers you the best personal assistance and support available. The moment you start working with Prima you will realize that you are in 'good hands'. We will show you our projects that are under construction and our projects that have been completed. You will have our full attention to ensure that you get what you are looking for. Our customers are entitled to the best available service because happy clients are the best publicity.


  5.  Custom made solutions
Prima Real Estates is part of a sales and construction group enabling us to build your house exactly to your requirements. If you cannot find a property that is ready to move into to that does not suit your requirements, then Prima will build and help design your dream property in the location you want according to your budget. Our construction experience enables us to be able to offer you the most favorable market price.


  6.  Professionalism and Experience
A major asset of our company is our experienced, Bi-Llingual, efficient and friendly staff. Our Team is well prepared to support you in your search for your dream home. You have the right to get the best service available which only Prima is in a position to offer.


  7.  Quality
Prima is one of the most progressive companies offering high quality homes in Alanya. Two years ago we received our TSI Qualitiy Certificate which is proof of our extraordinary high quality standards.


  8.  Follow up after purchase
We know how important it is that our clients are able to closely follow the construction progress on their new home. Therefore we keep you updated on a regular basis.


  9.  Investment in the future
Buying real estate in Turkey now is more than just buying property. You will not only profit from a higher quality of life it is also a safe investment for the future. Development changes especially in the Alanya region on the Turkish Riviera are considered to be favorable based on the continuing economic growth of the country. More and more Europeans not only spend their vacation in this unrivaled region but settle down permanently. This inevitably leads to a value enhancement of our investment.


  10.  Service
Only Prima offers you the complete service to get your new home and to facilitate the integration in your new adopted country. Our staff will help you with the furnishing or the refurbishing. If you would like to earn the highest possible return on your investment you can authorize our rental department to rent out your house or apartment during your absence.


10 reasons why Prima

Turkey, especially the coastline regions, have reached an economic level which ensures that you find the service and lifestyle you are used to from your home country ...

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Buying Process

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Info Alanya

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